Illiana Derby Dames VS DuPage Outrage 5.2.15

Just Jill, calling it off like a boss!


Illiana Derby Dames VS DuPage Derby Dames 4.4.15

Tink3r H3ll


Illiana Derby Dames 2015

2015 Illiana Derby Dames Photos by Steve Jurkovic


Illiana Derby Dames v. Aurora 88’s 8.24.14

Karma Kazi


Illiana Derby Dames VS DuPage Outrage 5.2.15

Luda said “Move Chick!”


Illiana Derby Dames

boot camp 2015


You think you have the proverbial “what it takes”?  You think you’ll be able to skate fast and take big hits from the women of IDD? You think you can dish ’em out?  There’s no experience necessary – we don’t expect you to know how to skate (although it helps), or understand the game or be in great shape.  We’ll teach you to skate, then teach you to play.

What we CAN’T teach you is your own commitment to training, and to the league.  It does take a great deal of personal discipline to succeed at roller derby – it’s a physically demanding sport.  Playing roller derby requires the desire on your part to TRY, to FAIL and to ultimately SHINE at brand new skills.

You WILL fall down.
You WILL get hurt.
You WILL get back up.
You WILL leave practice and will feel the most intense burning in muscles you didn’t even know you had.

And you will be required to do it at least twice a week.


You WILL join a new community and make dozens of friends instantly.
You WILL come up with a rad derby name for yourself.
You WILL boast about that fact that you play derby to awed civilians.
You WILL have an unbelievably fun time.

Here’s what you need to start:

  • Passion for roller derby
  • Commitment to the group and to your teammates
  • Determination to succeed

Here’s how it works:

  • You come to mandatory practices
  • We teach you how to skate
  • We teach you the rules
  • You devote yourself to IDD (no big deal)

Check back here often for upcoming boot camps and call out information.

Email us at IllianaDerbyDames@gmail.com for more information.


Illiana Derby Dames is an organization started to promote the sport of women’s flat track roller derby in Northwest Indiana, Northeast Illinois, and the South Shore area. The members of IDD are strong and dedicated women who train to the fullest of their individual abilities and respect their teammates and competitors. Our goal is to promote women’s strength and self- esteem and to create a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among our members. Our goal is to give all skaters and officials a voice in league decisions and operations and run a league that is truly “For the skaters, by the skaters.” We embrace women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and skill levels. Our skaters work to increase their skill through discipline, hard work, and focus. IDD is proud to carry on the tradition of roller derby, and strive to create a physically demanding sport that inspires women and girls to embrace their inner strength while entertaining fans and contributing to the good of our community through charitable donations and volunteer work.


(Photos by Steve Jurkovic)